It is believed that breed derives its name from the place of its origin in BARBARA in East Africa.

The route of their migration to India has not been known but in all its probability the traders of mediaeval period might have brought them through sea and land routes during their business entourage to India. The breed is found in Etah, Aligarh, Agra and Mathura Districts of Uttar Pradesh and adjoining district of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. This has been adopted and extensively used in many states of the country under their goat development programmes and also for commercial raising.

Barbari breeds are more in the districts of Rajasthan, Etah, Agra and Aligarh districts of Uttar Pradesh, and Bharatpur.

Barbari is a small animal, with compact body. The orbital bone is quite prominent, so that eyes appear bulging. There is wide variation in coat color, but white with small light brown patches ,is the most typical. Ears are short, tubular, almost double) with the slit opening in front, erect, directed upward and outward. Both sexes have twisted horns, medium in length and directed upward and backward; horn length: 11.17 cm. Bucks have a large thick beard.
SIZE BUCKS (Male) DOES (Female)
Body Weight 37 kg 22 kg
Body Length 64 cm 70 cm
  • MEAT Conversion Ratio is good
  • The breed is very versatile and popular in cities because of its size and adaptability to stall feeding.
  • They are very profile breeders and usually kid twice in 14 to 16 months with a high rate of prolificacy.
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