The Damascus (Shami) goat is native to the Middle East. Large herds of Damascus goats have been historically found in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian territories

The Shami is a multi-purpose goat historically providing its owner with milk, meat, hair and fine leather. If she receives proper care and quality feed the doe is able to produce large quantities of milk, and many are particularly noted for their ability to kid triplets or even quadruplets. Additionally, the typical Shami is characterized by an especially noble conformation and bearing that conquers the heart of all that see her. And finally, her quiet and gentle nature is another important reason that her owner and his family may choose to keep her.


power, strength and size should be immediately apparent. The head should be very typical, with a strikingly convex foreface and an especially expressive eye (white color preferred). The ears must be very long and made of soft flexible skin, carried close to the head, and fall downward.
The buck's neck often appears somewhat shorter than that of the doe, but this is an optical illusion - it is its comparative massiveness and thickness that make it appear so. As a rule, bucks with long necks pass on better dairy character to their offspring.
Overall, the buck's body structure should show more massive muscling than that of the doe.


Does appear finer than the male (buck), with the long and fine neck indicative of good dairy character. Both fore and hind legs should appear strong, but correspondingly finer and more delicate than the male's.
The doe must have a well-developed digestive system with a large rumen allowing for large food capacity and good ability to utilize feed for maximum milk production. A heavy, meaty doe will utilize her food for meat production rather than milk production.

Mix-breed Damascus breeds are found in various parts of India. UP,Gujurat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.

A goat possessing a particularly aristocratic bearing, arresting beauty, great nobility, and charisma coupled with a strong body structure, long legs and height. Although many of these traits cannot be strictly measured by measuring tape, they are, nonetheless, strikingly obvious to even the most casual observer, and impossible to ignore.
SIZE BUCKS (Male) DOES (Female)
Body Weight 90 kg 60 kg
Body Length 80 cm 60 cm
  • Improved dual purpose (meat and milk) goat breed developed in Syria and Cyprus.
  • Kids are strong because mothers have high milk yield.
  • Kid weights - 3 months : 15-18 kg and 6 months : 20-25 kg
  • About 50% goats give twins.
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