The breed derives its name from the place called 'Surat' in Gujarat state of India where it is found in pure from.

The population of the breed is very small and is one amongst endangered breed of Indian origin. It is distributed in adjoining areas around Surat and Nasik in Maharashtra. The Surti goats are very popular and maintained in small flocks ranging from 2-15 goats. The breed is most suited and performs well under stall fed conditions. They are maintained on extensive grazing but small holding are seen kept under intensive conditions and fed in stall. Surti is one of the most endangered goat breeds of Indian origin.

The breed is known to be a good dairy breed and is specially suited for maintenance under complete confinement and stall-feeding conditions. Considering its dairy quality and extremely small numbers reported, there is need for conservation, further multiplication and improvement of this breed.

Surti breeds are found throughout the States of Gujurat. More in Surat and Baroda.

Medium sized breed, white in color with highly developed udder. Ears are medium in size. Both sexes have small horns directed backward. The breed is unable to walk long distances and is stall feed. Medium-sized animals, generally white in body colour, with very well developed udder and large conical teats. Ears are medium-sized. Both sexes have small horns directed backward
SIZE BUCKS (Male) DOES (Female)
Body Weight 30 kg 32 kg
Body Length 65 cm 66 cm
Chest Girth 70 cm 70 cm
  • They are most economic to rear as they can live on leaves or on food waste thus brings higher feed efficiency ratio.
  • The breed is a good milk producer, yields on an average of 2.0 kg per day.
  • Generally kept as one or two animals, essentially stall-fed.
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