Thalacherry (Malabari)

The breed derives its name fro its native habitat of " Malabar "area of northern Kerala where they are densely populated.

The breed is widely distributed in the districts of Kasargod, Trichur, Kannur, Kozikkot and Malapuram and mainly concentrated in and around Tellicherry district and therefore called sometimes as Tellicherry breed. Malabari breed is believed to have Surti blood. Flock size is small ranging from 2-10 goats. Few flocks have 15-20 goats.

Thalacherry breeds are found throughout the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. True-bred animals are however found in the districts of Thalacherry, Kasargod, Kannur and Kozikkot in Kerala.

It is a medium sized animal of dual utility and constitutes only 10% of the total goat population of the state. They do not have any uniform body colour. Majority of the goats are white or black but goats with mixed colours of black, while and brown are also found., They have medium sized head with straight face, some have slightly raised face also.
SIZE BUCKS (Male) DOES (Female)
Body Weight 38 kg 31 kg
Body Length 70 cm 63 cm
Chest Girth 73 cm 67 cm
  • The average milk yield is recorded as 65 kg in a lactation of 172 days.
  • They are also fed with the jack leaves and coconut oil cakes
  • Triplets is common in this breed
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