Livestock Supply

Sri Ramdas Hi-Tech Goat & Sheep Farm take care of animal health & welfare, which is important at all stages of the livestock production chain. Each can have potentially adverse impacts on productivity if managed poorly and because producers have a duty of care to their livestock. If not upheld, these issues have the potential to reflect badly on the whole industry.

Attention to health & welfare is easier during good seasons, but is equally important during poor seasons or during foreseen circumstances likes floods, drought, fires and other adverse events. Special attention needs to be paid when these circumstances necessitate the humane destruction of large numbers of animals.

There have been many changes in the past 5 years but we believe our focus on good animal welfare and attention to quality at all stages of the process has remained a constant philosophy. This has enabled us to produce a top quality goat & sheep breeds that continues to be popular by increasing numbers of our customers each year.

When transporting livestock, it is essential that they are managed in a way that reduces stress and minimises any risks to animal welfare.

It is also important that producers understand their roles and responsibilities as well as any standards and guidelines when transporting livestock.

Preparing stock for transport

Livestock should be adequately prepared for a journey. Livestock stress in transport is cumulative and animals that are already stressed travel poorly. Preparing livestock well for transport helps ensure they are in good condition on arrival and reduces skin staining, bruising, downers and deaths.

The key points while we prepare livestock for travel are:

  • Plan for the trip
  • Avoid extremes of weather
  • Check the holding and loading yards and loading ramp
  • Use low-stress handling techniques
  • Segregate livestock appropriately for loading and travel
  • Hold stock off feed and water for 8-12 hours prior to transport
  • Use a professional livestock carriers
  • Carry Bills/Permits