In Sri Ramdas Hi-Tech Goat & Sheep Farm the preparation of livestock for market is a detailed process that begins with business planning. It is essential that producers understand the management practices that assist in maximising returns.was formed with the aim & objectives to improve the various breeds of goats, and especially to develop those qualities which are generally recognized and valued. We are improving coverage of Breedable bovine population under organised Breeding Programme.

Business planning brings together the physical, financial and human resources needed to operate the business and examines the costs, risks and potential rewards from the enterprise.

The formal outcome of business planning is a written business plan, which provides clarity and focus for a business. Clearly articulating a business plan enables a producer and others, such as bank managers, to consider the business objectively.

A business plan can indicate the probability of a business succeeding and provides a yardstick that success can be measured. When attempting to attain a loan, financial support or a government grant, a well written business plan illustrates to the financier commitment and motivation.

The risk associated with not having a clear business plan is considerable. Many businesses fail within the first five years because they lack a clear objective or vision. Planning helps businesses establish this and contributes to their successful operation.

Our Market activities includes
  • Understanding market specifications
  • Understanding selling options
  • Breeding and selecting livestock for target markets
  • Supplying for local markets
  • Set Quality Standards
  • Provice Livestock Insurance
  • Perfect Record keeping
  • Guide our Customers to market