Sheep Breeds

India's vast genetic resources in sheep and goats are reflected by the availability of 40 breeds of sheep and 20 breeds of goats. In the strict sense, there are no specific breeds, since the majority of them do not have specified defined characters. Neither are there breeding societies or agencies to register animals of particular breeds, maintain flock books and ensure the purity of the breed.

A population of sheep or goats in a given locality, with characters distinct from other populations in the vicinity and with a distinct local name, has usually been considered as a breed. There has been little effort to conserve and further improve the native breeds. At a few Central and State Government farms, some important breeds of sheep and goats are maintained for purebreeding and producing stud rams for distribution to the farmers.

Most of the breeds of sheep and goats in India have evolved naturally through adaptation to agro-ecological conditions; to a limited extent there has been artificial selection for specific needs. These breeds have generally been named after their place of origin or on the basis of prominent characteristics. A few breeds, e.g. Hissardale, Kashmir Merino and Nilgiri, are cross-breds involving native and exotic fine/dual/mutton breeds. The numbers and distribution of Hissardale and Nilgiri are very limited, whereas the Kashmir Merino, though large in numbers, has no definite level of exotic finewool inheritance and has involved almost all the native breeds of Jammu & Kashmir.

Sheep Breeds Available in our farm
  • Rambouillet
  • Bannur
  • Bellary
  • Hassan