Not very different from Deccani. Sheep found to the north of the Tungabhadra River are called "Deccani" and those to the south of it, "Bellary". It covers the major part of south andhra pradesh, Bellary, Bidar, Bijapur, Gulbarga, and Raichur districts in Karnataka.

Medium-sized animals, with body colour ranging from white through various combinations of white and black to black. Of 186 animals surveyed, 36.55% were completely black, 22.04% black with white spots, 13.98% black with brown spots, and the rest mottled black, white and brown. One third of the males are horned; females are generally polled. Ears are medium long, flat and drooping; ear length: 14.93 ± 0.14 cm (167). Tail is short and thin; tail length: 10.83 ± 0.90 cm (167). Fleece is extremely coarse, hairy and open; belly and legs are devoid of wool.

Mostly pure breeding. Rams are selected on the basis of size. Found in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, These breeds has been undertaken for improving wool production and quality and meat production.
SIZE RAMS (Male) EVES (Female)
Body Weight 35 kg 27 kg
Body Length 70 cm 64 cm
Chest Girth 77 cm 71 cm
  • Adaptable to all types of climates from hot tropical to cold climates
  • Fast growth and excellent feed conversion ratio
  • High twinning percentage
  • Produces very good crossbreds with local goats
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