The breed is spread over the Hassan district of Karnataka

The total sheep population in the Hassan distribution area, according to the 1972 census, was 0.233 m, and according to the 1977 census, 0.260m; there was thus a slight increase. 0.028 m were adult males and 0.199 m were adult females.

Small animals. White body with light brown or black spots; of 135 animals surveyed, 18 were completely white, 39% white with light brown or black spots on the head, and the rest white with light brown, brown or black spots on different parts of the body. Ears are medium-long and drooping, 39% of the males are horned, females are usually polled. Fleece is white, extremely coarse and open; legs and belly are generally devoid of wool.

Mostly pure breeding, except in limited areas around Pune in Maharashtra and some areas in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, where cross-breeding (formerly with Merinos and currently with Corriedale) has been undertaken for improving wool production and quality and meat production.
SIZE RAMS (Male) EVES (Female)
Body Weight 25 kg 22 kg
Body Length 61 cm 59 cm
Chest Girth 69 cm 65 cm
  • Adaptable to all types of climates from hot tropical to cold climates
  • Fast growth and excellent feed conversion ratio
  • High twinning percentage
  • Produces very good crossbreds with local goats
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